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umbra umbrae umbrage umbrageous umbral umbrella umbrella chook umbrella leaf umbrella palm umbrella pine umbrella plant Term Price for umbrella

seven. having the quality or function of covering or making use of simultaneously to several very similar objects, factors, or teams: an umbrella Firm; umbrella protection in an insurance policies coverage.

This occasion can be indirectly accountable for unleashing the t-virus into Raccoon Town. HUNK recovered a sample of the virus, extracted it, and gave it to Umbrella. While the Arklay incident were rather isolated and concealed from the public and Umbrella's Command more than important governing administration and regulation enforcement personnel had ensured that any record of what had transpired can be securely swept into obscurity, they were now faced with a whole metropolis infected with "t" in addition to a trail main immediately back again for the Umbrella Company. This might demonstrate exceedingly complicated, even for Umbrella, to produce only vanish.

You see, Mister O'Hara, I don't know what the deuce-an'- all I shall do After i come across our sporting pals; but when you may kindly continue to keep inside of sight of my umbrella, which can be wonderful set point for cadastral study, I shall feel a lot better.

An even older resource to the umbrella is Probably the historic e book of Chinese ceremonies, named Zhou Li (The Rites of Zhou), dating two,four hundred many years back, which directs that the dais should be put upon the imperial automobiles. The figure of this dais contained in Zhou-Li, and the description of it specified from the explanatory commentary of Lin-Hello-ye, the two detect it with the umbrella.

The ombrellino or umbraculum is usually a historic piece of the papal regalia. Although the popes no more use it personally, it truly is displayed within the coat of arms of the sede vacante (the papal arms made use of involving the Dying of the pope and the election of his successor). This umbraculum is Generally manufactured from alternating crimson and gold material, and is often shown in the partly unfolded click here manner.

Individuals who tend not to want to be mistaken for vulgar folks A lot choose to take the potential risk of remaining soaked, rather than to generally be thought to be a person who goes on foot; an umbrella is a positive sign of someone who doesn't have his own carriage." [26]

A further difference could be made amongst manually operated umbrellas and spring-loaded computerized umbrellas which spring open within the press of a button.

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Birkin prepared to make use of the virus to drive the Umbrella Company into making it possible for him on to their govt board, but then improved his plans when he uncovered that offering it on to the U.S. Governing administration would confirm considerably more successful - even though this is predicated on Umbrella's impression.

[112] Prior to the single's release on May possibly fourteen, the temperature in London was comparatively high, achieving twenty °C. Having said that, just a working day after the discharge, "critical temperature warnings hit the headlines".[112] An article inside the Solar urged readers to join the campaign to knock the song off the chart's best spot, suggesting to audience they down load more "constructive" tracks revolving all over Solar or summer including Katrina as well as Waves' "Strolling on Sunshine" and DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh new Prince's "Summertime".[112]

Umbrella Disposal Facility: A squander disposal facility on an unnamed island during the Atlantic Ocean. It was to this facility that Umbrella despatched many of its worst unsuccessful experiments for being disposed of, but for mysterious motives the facility shut down. It was utilised as being a base of functions by renegade Umbrella executive Morpheus D. Duvall.

In 1769, the Maison Antoine, a keep at the Magasin d'Italie on rue Saint-Denis, was the very first to offer umbrellas for rent to Those people caught in downpours, and it grew to become a standard observe.

In France, the umbrella (parapluie) commenced to appear inside the 1660s, when the fabric of parasols carried for defense versus the Sunshine was coated with wax. The inventory in the French royal court in 1763 talked about "eleven parasols of taffeta in several colors" together with "three parasols of waxed toile, decorated within the edges with lace of gold and silver.

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